...and her competences that will make this trip possible

 • MSc in Ecology (Sept ’15)
 • organized trekking expeditions in different countries
 • Speaks 5 languages and is learning more
 • ...and can prepare a 3-course menu on the fire that she can ignite anywhere ;)

Kira’s great passions are nature and outdoor sports. When mountaineering, paragliding, canyoning, riding or skiing, she can also spend a decent amount of time observing plants in vertical climbing walls. She loves to combine her passions also in her life - when she is not studying ecology, she volunteers for the local alpine club or travels around the globe.


At what speed does a tree grow? Why do bees dance? Questions like this have been fascinating me since I was little and inspired me to study ecology. The planet and what it offers is incredible and sharing my enthusiasm for it, is an exceptional experience for me. In professional life as well as in my volunteer tasks or hobbies, I love being somewhere in between science and outdoor sport and try to link the two. Having taught biology and natural sciences as well as climbing in several years, I learned that outside the classroom, science is much more interesting than inside of it. This project is a unique opportunity for me to exchange, observe and share with people across different environments and backgrounds.