Cielo & Tierra

Leonardo Cárdenas Rey started his paragliding career very early (2000) and was one of the pioneers in the acrobatic discipline in Colombia. He formed part of the national acrobatic team for five years (2011-2015) and was second South American Champion in 2009. He also participated 8 times in the worldcup, also in distance and precision flights.


We were extremely lucky to count on his support for our project. In this year of 2016, he decided to indulge more into adventure and therefore the cooperation was a gratifying experience on both sides. We extremely valued his help with the film team, where he advised us good flying sites and supported us also on his motorbike. Finally, we are also very thankful for his company in the final run along the Cauca Valley, where we could all enjoy beautiful flying days after the  intense two weeks of filming.

Thank you Leito!

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