...and her competences that will make this trip possible

 • PhD in Astrophysics (Oct ‘15) and BSc in Earth & Space Sciences (June ’11)
 • 1st place Hike & Fly competition, La Corona, Spain (April ‘15)
 • speaks 5 languages and is learning more...
 • rather climbs trees with her little cousins on weddings than enjoying the dinner

Marja is up for any challenge and loves outdoor sports. In her professional life, she is an astrophysicist,  investigating how galaxies form and evolve. She loves going to the mountains to observe with telescopes, but also to go paragliding, running, climbing, horse-riding, surfing, playing the saxophone or helping at the local mental health foundation. She is passionate about science and nature and about sharing these passions with the people around her.

For me, exchanging knowledge and philosophies about the Universe is simply incredible. Many people have never realized consciously the band of the Milky Way - as our Galaxy seen edge-on. The feeling of realizing our place on this planet somehow connects across cultures, religions, national borders, professions, ages and genders. I have experienced this giving workshops or observations with Muslims in Morocco, Hindus in Indonesia, Christians, Atheists, school kids, up to company managers worldwide. And with myself. Having had the chance to experience a public observation at a really young age has had an impact on how I perceive my place in the world (and on a practical note, it inspired me to study astrophysics - and appreciate life so much, every single second:)