Cielo & Tierra

Preparation & Planning

We started to plan this project in January 2015. Since then, we have been developing workshop materials, trained fitness and talked to a large variety of people to learn from their experiences. We additionally performed a short test-run on Tenerife in May 2015, also filming the teaser together with Alborde films.

We have known each other for more than 20 years and have worked with horses for most of this time. Studying in Grenoble and Tenerife for the last 4 years, we started to get more involved in and fell in love with mountaineering and paragliding. To train physically for the adventure part of this project, we regularly go on mountaineering, trail and hike&fly excursions. Marja also won her first hike&fly competition on Tenerife - for her a huge success in particular as being the only female participant. (She'd love to have more girls around in this beautiful sport!)

We also have gathered experience in travelling unconventionally. Kira hitchhiked all over Europe, in South America crossing Chile, and through New Zealand, while working at numerous horse centers. Together, we worked in Iceland as horse guides in summer 2012.

Regular outreach work worldwide (e.g., presentations, work- shops, public observations,...) in our fields of expertise are our solid foundation for the educational part of this project.

We are in touch with local collaborators in the sectors of media, logistics, paragliding and horses in different areas in South America. We are aware of  safety issues, see Risk Management.