Cielo & Tierra

Have you ever spend a night somewhere remote in the mountains or at a beach shore, away from the city lights? And have you switched off your headlamps, tilted your head upwards and consciously grasped that you are sitting on this small rocky planet, in the outskirts of some galaxy, inside a seemingly infinite Universe?

  This project has 2 major objectives:

  • Share visions of the cosmos and show the access of science to everyone

  • a unique trajectory of 1000km by ride&fly


...and is based on two concepts:

    1) Cielo - Sky  & 2) Tierra - Earth


We connect these concepts in an innovative way:

1) by our means of travel: paraglider (Sky) and horses (Earth). This is in fact a novel team sport which we call ride&fly.

2) the workshops and activities that we will offer during our journey -about the Sky and the Earth: Marja, as a professional astrophysicist uses a small solar telescope and binoculars for day-and night-time observations. Kira, as a professional ecologist, will observe the nature which surrounds us and explain through interactive games and activities our impact on it.

We want to combine our enthusiasm for science, education and a pinch of philosophy with the thrill of a unique adventure travelling via unconventional means - ride & fly -  throughout Colombia - a journey of more than 1000 km.