Cielo & Tierra

Risk Management

Exploring involves risks. But we believe that it is not about avoiding risks, but about managing risks :)

Challenges we face and how we meet them:

1)  General travel in Colombia: We are aware of the risks that are special to traveling in Colombia. Even though the country has been and is still making efforts to make travel safe, safety issues like guerrillas, paramilitaries and narco-traffickers remain in some parts of the country. In order to completely avoid unsafe areas we are carefully working out our travel route in cooperation with locals.

2) Travel to remote areas: We will go by foot, horse and paraglider. We chose these means of transport to visually include the concepts of Sky (paraglider, astrophysics) and Earth (horses, ecology). The challenges of traveling this way are obvious. Therefore, we are seeking and already have received advice from people who have done several horse expeditions in South America. Marja will also go on an expedition to South America with GalileoMobile in November 2015 and then already meet some local collaborators. Concerning paragliding, we receive advice from experienced local pilotes and international ones who have done extended hike&fly travel in South America and worldwide.
3) We are a group of girls: Two traveling scientists, at times accompanied by two filmmakers and a local coordinator and media contact. This might be more difficult during the travel than as men. But through this project, we would like to also and especially encourage women. By carefully planning our route, marking our track online with gps and organizing local contacts along the way, we believe that we can assure the safety of this expedition.



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