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Horse shopping the colombian way-Part II

Yesterday we went on a hose search with a really helpful colombian who had seen our call for help on facebook a couple month back.

Yet again we are amazed about the incredible friendliness of colombians!!!

Even before our arrival, he had found out about people who had horses to sell in the neighborhood.

Shortly after taking off we noticed that we knew the road we were taking because we had taken it by night on horseback.

And yes, we actually ended up in the catwalk horsebar, where the owner recognized us and we sat down and had a piece of cake while he told us that the weekends were always crazy there and that he was still a bit tired. :D

After he had presented his horse we went on to pick up another colombian (who presented another horse) and drove off all together towards the hills.

Again we noticed that we knew that road and to no ones surprise we drove up the driveway to the farm where we were unable to finish the beers the night before. We denied when they asked us if we wanted drinks. Horse presentations started a little while later on the obligatory catwalk we hadn't noticed the night before.

Horse buying here follow a kind of tradition.

  • Drink proposal and talk

  • Presentation of the horse by one of the owners horsetrainers on the catwalk to show off the horses "paso fino"

  • You can ride the horse

  • Now you can ask your questions

  • You cannot tell the owner if you are interested or not, but say that its a good horse and that you will call later.

After a really educative day of horse search, we returned home. Thanks to the tons of helpful advice of our colombian guide we learnt so much about horses and buying them!

Thanks a billion Yesid!!

And little spoiler, we might have found our perfect horses. It stays exciting. We can't wait for episode III of our horse shopping adventure.

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