Cielo & Tierra

Where Are We?

Flying the Chicamocha canyon

Apart from trying to find horses, we also enjoy some fantastic flights :) always tell more than words, plus I am reaaaally tired (3h30 in the morning....)

At the take off!! Cannot wait to fly!!

Was a fantastic day and the Arriba went all arriba ;) (it's late, I cannot think of actually good jokes). But yes, it's fantastic to fly, easy to handle, spirals up all the thermals and perfect to go cross country for hours - in particular in the combination with the range air harness. It is simply fantastic! Couldn't think of a better place to be :)

Thanks Richi once more for showing us those amazing parts of Colombia! - and surprise everyone with a landing beer!! necessary at around 38 C in the valley :)

And of course THANK YOU SKYWALK, SALEWA, LeBipBip, GoPro and in this case also SPOT as we tested the spot (see the embedded map on our page :)) Without all of your support this project would not be the same!

Find out where we are right now thanks to SPOT and GPS Live Tracking!
See the map below!
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