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Horse shopping the colombian way Part III

We are happy horse owners!!! To everyones deception we didn't buy the mule.

What's been necessary for the deals:

  1. Dinner at a burrito place in town

  2. Pizza evening at the hostel

  3. Lunch at the same burrito place where a lot of money changed hands

  4. A completely unreal night in a bar planning the route together with our collaborators

  5. Tons and tons of phone calls and negotiation

But now we are happy to present:




Whats even better, the telescopes from Meade Instruments arrived yesterday. (Thank you Meade!!) We are now all set and ready to go (and so excited :D:D) for an official start tomorrow morning!!!!

Find out where we are right now thanks to SPOT and GPS Live Tracking!
See the map below!
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