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Telescope arrival and its consequences

The telescopes arrived finally!!! Thank you ‪#‎meade‬ !!!! They are fantástico!:)

We already observed the Sun with the ‪#‎coronadoPST‬ from the garden of Richi´s beautiful hostel, the Nest, in the mountains just outside of Bucaramanga. Afterwards we also took it up to the take-off and it was seriously difficult to decide between marveling at the sun seen in H-alpha and share it with the people around or setting off for a flight into the evening sky.... finally we managed both, thanks to also all the fantastic people around!

After sunset, we continued and people fell in love with the moon seen through the‪#‎lightbridgemini‬ - such a cute little telescope and still so powerful!

And of course the arrival of the telescopes means that we can finally start! Tomorrow is official take-off of the cielo y tierra journey!!!!!

We are so excited, so happy and at the same time so sad to leave magical ‪#‎bucaramanga‬ ❤

The time here was amazing and we cannot actually put in words what happened within one week.... Thank you Richi, Armandito, Yesid, Tarek, Laura, Maria Jose, Sarita, Mario, Sergio, Leo, Thomas, Thai, Robin, Edinson, Fabian, Hernando, Russel .... in no particular order and probably so many more. You made the beginning of this project unforgetable. Mil gracias y más.

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