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Where Are We?

Our first real ride & fly

Right now we are sitting in the grass at a finca somewhere south of Bucaramanga. Our horses are all prepared and grazing with their huge bags on the back. We are waiting since 7 o clock for some colombianos on mules who will accompany us to the next village. It is 11.15. Welcome to Colombia.

We took off yesterday. Kira very early to pick up the horses, Marja a little later with the arriba. Our first real ride&fly!!!

And what a start. The horse troupe consisting of Kira, Valentino, Joël and Poseidon accompanied by many colombian friends, a couple cars and the famous mule left to meet the paragliding troupe (Marja, Maria and the Arriba accompanied by another friend. Most of us continued then on horses while the others followed in the transporter. By the way if any of you have wondered about Marjas very strange SPOT live tracks yesterday here is why: the SPOT was in the bag that we left in the transporter, the car couldn't exactly follow us on all trails and at some point it left to get lunch for everyone! !! Lucky us. One of our friends had found us a place to stay "not very far". At 16h we were "almost there", when it started to get dark it was "another half hour", and at 8 it was "in 15 minutes".

At 22h we were finally there, after 12 hours on horseback. We are now convinced that colombians live in a different space time continuum. And that is maybe why we take off now by ourselves to the next village ;-)

Find out where we are right now thanks to SPOT and GPS Live Tracking!
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