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Los Santos - Every day a new surprise, for better or for worse

Everyday holds a new surprise, an unexpected challenge. After our marathon run on the first day, we decided to take it slower on the second day. But as we already indicated in the last post, the space time continuum over here seems to work slightly differently. Instead of starting at 7am we were waiting until around 11:30 for some of our Colombian the wind by then was already crossed, the heat had risen and the time to reach our initial destination, especially given the "hot" circumstances had run out.

So we decided to only advance until Los Santos. And even that proofed to be a challenge.... Marja, as the ultimate heat lover also admitted that it got slightly uncomfortable, while Kira was simply dying (wait for when it's getting colder in boyaca and it'll be the other way round).

Luckily the horses seemed to be ok and we tried to walk slowly with them. Always once in a while we stopped and had a quick drink or snack with our Colombian friends who decided to come along with a motorbike. Sometime late afternoon we finally made it to Los Santos. It is a really nice little town in the mountains. However, it turned out that the promised finca with an outside space or the horses did not exist.... We are starting to learn that also Colombians can be sometimes a bit over optimistic in their statements. Nevertheless we were lucky enough to directly meet a very welcoming family who owned a piece of land just outside the town where we could have the horses eat and stay. The father and daughter were both veterinarians and really loved our horses and said they wanted to buy them after the trip. The downside was that this grass area had no fences. So over night we had to leave the horses on a leash... Furthermore, Marja managed to cross the street with too many backpacks and saddles and twisted her ankle quite heavily. The nice family took her directly to the village center to find this old man with magical hands. And after a rather uncomfortable (f***ing painful) "repair session" everything still kept hurting but one had to just believe that it's better. The extremely friendly and helpful people around definitely helped.

So in the evening we observed again the moon with our light bridge telescope from Meade which once more enchanted young and old - really the best telescope we could get for our journey!! Thank you Meade Instruments !!

The night we spent sleeping outside next to the horses - just in case. We didn't bring a tent and just remained optimistic. But at around 5am we got woken up by sudden heavy rain. (apparently it hadn't rained for the last six weeks but of course that day...;)) but it was just good timing as we had planned to start early anyway.

So first we moved under the roof of our "host family" waited until the rain stopped and got prepared.

But then the surprise: all of the horses seemed to have managed to get sick...:( one of them,Yoel, our luggage horse, already had a little infection on its back but it had gotten a lot worse; Poseidon had managed to wrap the leash around one of his legs and injured it slightly (not too bad fortunately); and Valentino seemed to have problems with his legs...probably due to fatigue and not being able to move really during that night...nevertheless, everything seemed to be still alright to start a short trip. In fact, we had to move because we had no good place to stay in Los Santos. Luckily we had met a very nice farmer from Jordan, so we decided to go there. The farmer even came - of course on his mule - to accompany us with the horses on the way down. So to be honest, this day the "conditions for ride&fly" could not be "better":

1. tired and partly injured horses

2. Injured Marja

3. Company for the one horsing

4. Company for the one flying

So while Kira started the trip down into the canyon with the three horses, Jorge and his mule, Marja and Leo went to the take-off. It was a beautiful day but the heat started early...

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