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Where Are We?

Oh happy day :)

Thanks life for being so wonderful to us today - finally!

Right now we are in Guapota after a fantastic day of riding. Guapota is a small town with super friendly people similar to Jordan - just without the burning heat :) = happy Kira :)

Today really was magical in many ways. At around lunchtime we were somewhere in the middle of nowhere and it was pretty hot again. So we were thinking a really nice place close to a river would be just perfect to rest. And Booom: there was the best resting place ever - fresh river, trees, perfect to stop and give the horses some water and us a bath :)

Then, just before arrving to Guapota, we were discussing that there seem to be only Colombian men around. The paragliding community, the horse people, bus drivers, motorcyclists and basically everyone we met are/were men.... we really started missing some women. And the contact we had for Guapota was yet another man. However, when we got here, we found out that he had organized two women and a girl to welcome us. They also helped us bringing the horses to the finca and fields where they enjoyed a roll in the fresh grass. Sooooo cute! And now we are sitting in one of their houses and she left us her computer to work on it a bit. so happy :)

But is was about time.... we couldnt believe all the horrible things that happened in the last days....

The next blogs are to follow soon, all a bit more challenging without equipment! Below you will see some impressions of the days in Curiti and the time we passed waiting for Valantino to recover.

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