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Travel moments, the police & how to treat a dog bite

These last days keep going really amazingly

Being in the Colombian countryside away from big cities helps:) After Guapota, Guadaloupe was also fantastic thanks to Rodolfo and Nelson who hosted us - thanks also to Eliana!! - and even accompanied us out of the town this morning. They showed us a huge cave full of bats and a beautiful waterfall in front. We never saw so many and so close! After we went into some swimming holes as the El Nino fenomenon keeps us entertained with its burning heat. Even the locals are suffering here. And the police entertains us with their sudden appearances. After welcoming us with their entire department in Guapota, we barely saw them in Guadaloupe. But out of nowhere, they appeared at the swimming holes - and wanted a picture for their 'comandante' to show that we were fine....great timing, in bikini...anyway,we decided to wrap a towl around us before taking the picture.

After the swim, the trip continued under the burning sun. For the sanitiy of everyone, we had a long lunchbreak. And directly after, we found a take-off!! With so many trees and cables around, it really is not easy in this region!Some cycles actually were nice, but the thermals were not strong enough to get us up to the final destination. But no problem,it's anyway nicer to arrive together in a new town. And here we are, in San Jose de Suaita, horses in a finca and us in our own house that we got offered for the night! So super friendly people! And now, good night, as we have to get ready for the activities in the local school tomorrow :)

If you want some more details about the bad days and learn how to treat dog bites the Colombian below:

After Marja straining her ankle, the heat in Jordan and Valentino being sick for a few days, we actually thought that we were over with the bad news. But life is full of surprises!

We indeed got stolen.

Just before arriving in Sangil, we stayed at a really beautiful place of a friend of a friend and were so happy, close to the river and a wonderful waterfall and a great grassy place for the horses. In the early morning, we thought we could take a last dip. Within 30 minutes, we were back and all our electronic stuff was gone, and the computer, and so on… But not only was our stuff gone, but also a lot of belongings of our friend....So while Marja spent the whole day with the police, Kira kept guarding what was still left.....what a day....

The next day, we left to “El Soccoro”. On the way, we met some guys who said they could help us finding a shortcut. Unfortunately, Columbian men tend to avoid confessing when they don’t know something, especially when it is about time and space. So these guys took us to a super steep path where we had to climb down on this cliff, not riding the horses but leading them, walking, hoping to somehow get down. Marja could barely get down anyway with the ankle still being in a wonderful state… We were so relievd when we finally arrived at the bottom. Luckily, it was a beautiful place, close to a river, where we could access water for our exhausted horses. Here, the guys left us assuring that the main path was only about an hour away. Of course, after two hours, we still had another hour to go. When we arrived to the main road, fortunately a friend came on his motorbike to escort us through the night to his finca - super nice!! And arriving after another 45 minutes, we though: “finally we can relax and have a nice night”.

But no, no nice night ! First of all, the police came to welcome us to make sure everything was fine, which was actually very sweet. But then, out of the blue, a dog attacked our friend Leo, who got bitten on both his legs. We went to the hospital and learned that we never wanted to have an open wound in Columbia... The nurse started to rub soap into the wound and left it for about 20 minutes before washing it out... and then repeated this procedure 3 times. Leo was literally saying “I’m going to die”. And we were thinking: “we would have already died if we had to face this”. And the funniest part is that after this torture, they applied anaesthetics... in order to stitch him up. Why could they not apply them before the washing? Well, we just hope that nothing similar will happen to us during this trip....But to be fair, we also don t know how dog bites are treated in Europe, so maybe it is the same procedure?

Anyway, now we are full of optimism! and tired after a long day- so good night!!

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