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After almost three weeks of filming for the Cielo y Tierra documentary we are back for some updates. Let’s start from the beginning. We met up with Ana and Paula from alborde films in Tunja in Nelsons finca. Well, meeting up sounds easy. It wasn’t. A friend’s friend, Jeisson, who was going to pick them up from the airport and accompany us for the filming had a sudden car problem - so he could not come but assured us that his friends would help the first day and that he'd come the following day.... And this is the beginning of a completely unreal adventure. So while we were waiting at Nelson's Finca, Ana and Paula stayed one night at Daniela's place, a friend of Jeisson. So the plan was - as we understood - that Daniela was bringing Ana and Paula the next morning and from then decide the next plan with Jeisson who would arrive at midday....but Jeisson never came. Instead Paula and Ana arrived with Daniela and a bunch of other friends of Jeisson who were speed flying pilots and thought they would meet up with 4 girls from Czech Republic to go speed flying... They even brought speed flying wings for us. And a second car because we would obviously not fit in one to go to the speed flying spot. Needless to mention the enormous confusion when we all met up ;-D In the end we did go flying (but with our skywalk wings) and Ana and Paula started filming. And the most incredible part: Richie (the second car driver) decided to stay and help us the next day! And the next day turned into one day more and one more and finally we spent two and a half weeks with the most amazing producers: Ricardo Gomez in his mazda-almost-all-terrain and Leito Cardenas Rey on a motorbike almost as strong as our mule (the same color by the way).

For us it wasn't the first time we were followed by car and motorbike but we had to get used to the cameras and portable sound studio. And to the professionalism of the entire film team. And to repeating certain conversations acting as if they were super spontaneous;-) If there is a way to sum up this crazy film production, feeling that even with telling only a small part of what happened we could fill pages!

Should we tell about the midnight confessions everyone had to make to the camera each night before sleeping? Or about the one time we camped in the patio of a house in constructions and took a hot! shower in a bathroom without roof but with an amazing view over a canyon? The midnight flight we almost did before noticing that our huge landing area had turned into a bunch of wires allowing every bull to have its very private field. Or the fact that it would ALWAYS start to rain when we were ready to take off. The countless attempts to capture the cuteness of our mules extremely long ears. The fact that a “quick”observation will always take at least two hours? Or how to put 3 people, 6 backpacks, 3 paragliders and 40 kg, horse food in a car? After a travel through 4 departments, very amazing and less amazing shots, meetings with the indigenous muisca community and pilots of every kind of airbourne transpirt, sun, moon and nature observations, riding paragliding,boating, and during all this taking care of two horses, a mule the AATMazda and a motorbike, Pauli and Ana Poeta are back in Spain, Richie in Sopo with a really dirty car and we are on our way to start the last part of our trip.

Yes , we left our horses (and the mule) in Sopo - not an easy goodbye. Due to dryness and very high temperatures (we already talked about el niño right?) we could not bring them into the magdalena valley to cross colombias longest river and even the cauca valley is way toooo hot (maybe we should have left Kira,too). So we drastically reduced our luggage (basically to toothbrush, sunscreen and Lightbridge telescope) and are now off with paragliders only towards Cali. A huge thank you to the wonderful film team for the amazing time we spent together, to Ana and Paula for the incredible work they have done and are still doing,to Leo for the tandem flights and the everything-is-possible-attitude and Richie for his support and patience (and the endless phone calls to friends of friends who might help). Thank you to Monster, Poseidon and Luna to have carried us and our stuff through more than six weeks of this crazy project (and for having really cute ears :-))!! And of course to everyone who has accomanied, helped and hosted us during this intense film making. Without all of you this would not have been possible!

Sometimes lots of crazy events give birth to awesome ideas and huge motivations. We have started working on a new project combining hike&fly with scientific outreach. In the fall we will travel to Reunion island to observe and fly during a solar eclipse. We are so happy to have been preselected for the Millet travelers grant. Now we need your help in the public voting. Please have a look at this page

and vote for us:)

Thank you a lot, we will shortly give you an update about our last days in Colombia... Flying, flying, flying :)

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